Autofill a Database

The “AutoFill” feature allows you to quickly fill a database with custom ID values.

How to AutoFill a Database

1. Click the ‘Databases’ tab on the Navigation Bar near the top of the screen and choose the database you want to fill.

2. Click the AutoFill tab:


3. Customize your values using the different tools in the autofill page. (More info below)

4. Enter the number of values you want to fill the database with

Auto off screenshot

  • If you check Sequential, the values will be created in a sequence (i.e. 0001, 0002, 0003 etc.) If you check Random the values will be created randomly (i.e. a4Fd, 6HM7, kbR4, etc.)
  • Checking numeric means your values will only contain numbers, Checking Alphanumeric means your values will contain both letters and numbers.
  • Here you can choose how long your values will be, 10 means your values will be 10 characters long.
  • In this field, you can enter text that will be incorporated into the value with an underscore
  • Here you can choose whether to incorporate the text before (text_abc123) or after (abc123_text) the value.
  • Here you can enter a custom response that will show up every time you scan these values.

Choose whether these values will scan as Valid or Invalid

5. Click AutoFill database and you will see the message below.

AutoFill 3 normal

Refresh the page in about a minute or so and you will see the values that the autofill feature has added to your database.

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