Smart Barcode Scanner Technology

With our Smart Scan technology you can define rules to auto-capture specific barcodes within the camera view. This can make the scanning process faster for your app users and reduce human error.

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Capture just the IMEI value from a camera view of five (5) barcodes including four (4) Code 128 barcodes and one (1) UPC-A code. Since the IMEI barcode is a Code 128 barcode we can’t simply make a rule to capture Code 128. If you wanted to capture just the UPC-A code, you could do that because it the only one in this view.

So the rule needs to be more restrictive. For example, the rule could be:

a) Code 128 with 15 numbers if the IMEI is always 15 numbers and the other Code 128 barcodes are not; or,

b) Code 128 starting with ’35’.

All the app-user needs to do is hover over the group of barcodes and Smart Scan will immediately capture just the IMEI – all without the app user having to manually select the barcode or try to isolate it from the others.

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