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App to Pick, Deliver, and Receive Orders

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App to Pick, Deliver, and Receive Orders using a Simple, Digital Checklist

Pick items for shipments. Deliver items to destinations. Receive items on-site. See a running list of items not yet picked, delivered, or received.

The CodeREADr app empowers your field logistics team (aka mobile “app users”) to accurately and efficiently know when a list of items has been picked, delivered, or received. They see a digital record of items to pick, deliver, or receive. As they select and submit items from the list, the list is updated to show what’s left to pick, deliver, or receive. They are alerted when items not on the list are selected. Administrators can view and export submitted records including the who, what, when, where, and why each item has been submitted.

Picking, Delivering, and Receiving by Selecting Items in a Checklist

When generating a list of items to pick, pack, and ship, often paper-based lists don’t have barcodes to scan. If they did, the worker could use a simple A/B Compare barcode matching service. Then, they could scan an item’s barcode on the paper list and next scan the item’s actual barcode. If they match, then that’s the correct item to pick for that order. If they don’t match, then it’s the wrong item.

So, what can you do if there are no barcodes on the list? You can look up the item values from a checklist.

The worker would look up the order number in the mobile app and see a digital listing of the items included in the order. They would either start from the top of the list and tap each item one by one until done, or start by looking at the items, search for them on the list, and then tap the corresponding item on the digital list.

As the items are checked, they are removed from the list, leaving just the remaining items to check. Here’s a quick demo video:

Selecting Items in a Checklist

Picking, Delivering, and Receiving by Scanning Barcodes in a Checklist

As noted above, if the paper list includes printed barcodes and the items have barcodes, then A/B Compare barcode matching is an excellent solution.  If the list doesn’t have barcodes, then workers can enter the order number and simply scan the item’s barcode. The app will check if the scanned item belongs to the order and, if not, they will be alerted accordingly. The worker can also use the Lookup option to filter for items belonging to the order and see the items that have not yet been scanned.

Scanning Barcodes in a Checklist

Improve the Speed and Accuracy of Picking, Delivering, and Receiving with a Barcode Scanner App and Checklists

You will need to configure the CodeREADr app to achieve these goals. Please see these instructions:

Contact support@codereadr.com if you need any help, or reach out on our website’s Chat Now support tool to chat with a live support specialist.