Nov 11, 2022 5 min read

CodeREADr Launches a Cycle Count App for Inventory Audits

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Cycle Count

Inventory Audit

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Warehouse Operations


Barcode Scanner App for Periodic Cycle Counts of Selected Inventory

The Cycle Count App enables your inventory team to scan the audited item’s barcode or serial number and then enter the counted quantity. Special features include:

  • Count verification
  • Location details
  • Lookup what’s done and not yet done
  • Batch scanning of 200 barcodes in a single camera view (500 on request)
  • Auto-export scans to Excel, Sheets, etc.
  • Integrate with your own cloud services and backend servers

How do I get the Cycle Count app?

There are two important steps:

1. Create a CodeREADr account. If you sign up for an account on the CodeREADr website, you will have the opportunity to include one or both of these apps with your account.

  • Cycle Count & Inventory Audit – Start Scanning
    • Immediately start scanning each item’s barcode and enter the counted quantity.
  • Cycle Count & Inventory Audit – Upload Database
    • Upload a database of the items to be scanned. Start scanning each item’s barcode and enter the counted quantity. The app user will see the item’s description, expected quantity, expected location, and any other related info provided in the database. They can also use the in-app Lookup tab to see what’s been scanned and what’s not yet been scanned.

If you already have an account without these services, navigate to Services > Add a Service > Create a Demo Service from the CodeREADr website.

2. Download the main CodeREADr app from the app stores.

How do I upload a database of items to the website?

You can follow the instructions for formatting your item database before uploading. The associated database is called “Cycle Count Database”. The main purpose of the database is to allow app users to know what’s been scanned and what’s not yet been scanned. In that way, they will know when the task is done.

How do I download or export my Cycle Count scan records?

On the CodeREADr website’s Scans page, you can download or export your app user’s scan records as a CSV file. Those records include who, what, when, and where the items were scanned along with the quantities entered for each item. There are many ways to automate exports and integrate scan records into your cloud and local services.

Can I modify the Cycle Count app? Add features?

You can add special features yourself or ask for our help. Use our website’s Chat utility for live support or send an email to for a quick response. You can also set up a call with a support specialist here.

  1. Check progress: Look up what’s been counted and what’s not yet been counted. Your app users can use the “Lookup” tab within the mobile app. Administrators can look up the status with a password-protected link.
  2. Instant count verification: With this no-code enhancement to the database version, the app user will instantly see if the counted quantity matches the database quantity.
  3. Location options: You can add GPS location tracking when editing the service’s Advanced step. You can enhance that to include textual detail (e.g. warehouse, aisle, etc.) entered by the app user. Also, you can name the service and/or your app usernames as locations.
  4. Batch scanning: Your app users can scan up to 200 barcodes in a single camera view. Ask our support team if you need up to 500 barcodes in a single view.
  5. Count verification in Sheets: You can check physical counts against pre-selected margins of error using a Sheets extension.
  6. Create as many services as you want. Create one or more services for every location globally and conduct counts sequentially or simultaneously.