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Lily Transportation


Track & Trace

Executive Summary

Lily Transportation is a dedicated logistics systems corporation. It has been engineering and operating throughout the United States and Canada since 1958. Also, it provides its clients with service sensitive, highly efficient systems that guarantee stability.

They meet clients’ needs by anticipating and responding to changes in supply chain demand. As a dedicated contract carrier, Lily customizes their fleet, operations team, and drivers to the specifics of their customers. Also, Lily’s logistics systems are coast to coast, regional, and multi-stop. Moreover, Lily tracks deliveries through onboard computer technology and communication with drivers. Thus, you can redirect or notify clients of the point in transit. Therefore, it guarantees on-time performance as well.


One of Lily’s clients approached them with a big problem. Many animals died because the wrong food was in a feed bin. The loss totaled a quarter of a million dollars from this one mistake. Thus, they needed to quickly find and fix the root cause. Then, Lily assessed and found the process had three possible points of failure.

However, there were no prior methods in place for the client or the industry to correct these.

Instead, Lily needed to create a system that would complete three actions. First, provide oversight and prevent incorrect feed from loading in a feed trailer compartment. Secondly, prevent giving incorrect directions to the driver. Thirdly, ensure the driver isn’t unloading the incorrect compartment into feed bin.

codeREADr Solution

With codeREADr’s help, Lily revolutionized the industry by creating the Lily Secure Feed System. Using this new workflow, you need the loader to scan with the codeREADr app. This ensures that the correct feed is going into the correct compartment. First the software validates this against a database on Lily’s servers. Then, it provides the driver confirmation that they may unload the feed.

At the delivery point, the driver/unloader scans the feed and compartment. Also, it takes a picture of the unload point to verify the unload location with the app.

Using codeREADr with Bluetooth locks, the driver gets complete verification about unloading the feed into the bins correctly.


Since implementing the Lily Secure Feed System, they greatly reduced mistakes. Thus, the client no longer has to worry about a costly mistake again. Michael D’Auria, Director of Standardization and Process Improvement, says “codeREADr was with us through the complete process of creating this system. Also, it was amazing how professional and patient the staff was from the start to today.”

D’Auria explains that he had researched scanning software companies for months in prep for this project. And he was “so happy that [he] made the decision to go with codeREADr.”

POI Quote

“When I finally determined that writing the program myself was above my head, codeREADr offered a team to assist in writing the program. And I happily accepted. I am so glad I did because the development team asked all the right questions in plain easy to understand language. So, I could explain exactly what we were trying to accomplish and expected end results. And they nailed it!”

Michael D’Auria
Director of Standardization and Process Improvement, Lily Transportation