Verify Kit Items and Quantities with a Kitting App

Kitting App Verifies Kit Items with Smartphones and  Barcode Scanners

Kitting Verification App

What is a Kitting Verification App?

Kitting is the grouping of multiple items together for shipments and assemblies. It is sometimes referred to as “item bundling” or “product bundling”.

A kitting verification app helps pickers, assemblers, and shippers verify the right items and the right number of those items are grouped or “bundled” together.

Why do I need Verification?

You need Verification for the following reasons:

  • Pick correct items and verify.
  • Pick the correct quantities of items and verify.
  • Bundle the correct number of kits and verify.

The picker and assembler need real-time guidance while picking and assembling the kits. Here’s a list of what’s important:

  • Status of what’s been picked (Real-Time).
  • Alerts when batches are complete (Real-Time).
  • Alerts when orders are complete (Real-Time).
  • Warning alerts when selecting the incorrect items.
  • Warning alerts when exceeding the correct quantities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I scan barcodes with smartphones?

Yes. Also, you can scan with tablets and dedicated barcode scanning devices like Honeywell and Zebra hardware.

How long does it take to implement?

It takes 30 minutes or less using the standard script. Customization could take a few hours or more, depending on the requirements.

My warehouse has poor Internet connectivity. Can kit verification work offline?

Yes. With codeREADr, you can scan online in real-time or offline with auto-sync to the cloud or LAN server when there’s connectivity.

Is any coding needed?

No. The kitting verification script is standard. Since the codeREADr service is a No-Code/Low Code platform, admins can edit and enhance the script to fit specific needs.

Can administrators review scan records to catch potential problems and take corrective actions?

Yes. Once the scan records are posted to the cloud-based server, you can filter, view, and auto-export. Also, you can auto-insert the scan records into third-party databases and servers.

Is there a database limit?

Yes. The maximum number of rows per database is 1 million rows.

Kitting Verification Instructions

For further information please email