codeREADr KEY: Scan to Field

Scan Barcode Values into Form Fields of Native and Web Applications

This type of scanning is also known as a Scan Wedge App or a Keyboard Wedge App. We chose the name ‘Scan to Field’ because the scanning function is not an accessory ‘wedge’ but instead integrated with the device.

The Scan to Field app is a native app that works in the background for your authorized app-users to quickly and accurately scan barcode data into the form fields of third-party native and web applications.

It’s an enterprise-grade tool with sophisticated technology designed to increase your field worker’s productivity with fast data capture and error-reduction.

Administrators configure the app in the cloud based on their specific data capture requirements. For some tasks, more than one configuration is required.  And, although configured in the cloud, it works both online and offline if activated at least once every 5 days.

Download the App

The Scan to Field app is currently only available for devices running Android OS 5.0 and greater. [The launch for iOS in expected July/August 2018.] You can download the app from Google Play (effective June 20th) or you can contact for an APK file you can download to your Android devices.

Once installed, your app-users sign into the app with the credentials you created for them on You can pre-configure the app for the appropriate Scanning Mode(s) so all they then have to do is tap ‘Scanner ON’ when needed.

To use Scan to Field you must have a Paid Plan with SD PRO activated. You can upgrade and downgrade as needed. For volume pricing please contact

If you would like to demo the app before signing up for a paid plan,  please email to request demo credentials.

Basic Functionality

When active (Scanner ON), the app-user simply taps the targeted form field so the cursor is blinking in that field. The floating scan ‘bubble’ icon will automatically appear. They tap the scan bubble to open the device’s camera and capture the desired barcode.

The scan bubble can be moved anywhere on the screen and can be configured to grey-out or disappear after a pre-set duration. To reactivate the scan bubble the app-user taps anywhere on the screen.

When the app is not needed, the app-user can double-tap the scan bubble to toggle Scanner ON to Scanner OFF and then use the Android ‘back’ arrow to return to their native or web app.


We refer to a configuration as a ‘Service’. The following modes and general settings are available to the administrator when configuring the app. They are generally also configurable by the app-user (unless restricted by the administrator).

Scanner Mode

  1. Batch Mode: reads up to 100 barcodes in a single camera view; capture all or remove individual barcodes as needed.
  2. Framing Mode: adjustable decoding window for capturing the right barcode when there are multiple barcodes in the camera view.
  3. Targeting Mode: shows a cross hair (configurable dot, line, etc.) to capture a specific barcode when the cross hair touches the right barcode.
  4. Selecting Mode: reads and shows a preview of multiple barcodes in the camera view; app-user selects the correct one(s) from the list.
  5. Default: the entire camera view will capture a barcode.

Note: To allow your app-users to have more than one selectable Scanner Mode you simply create a service for each mode. They will all then be available within the app for their selection on demand.

General Settings

  1. Barcode formats: select any combination from over 40 symbologies or simply use the pre-set defaults.
  2. Beep: audio alert sounds when the barcode is captured.
  3. Flash: enable the flash in dim environments.
  4. Replace text: clears and replaces the text in the target field when the barcode is captured.
  5. Copy to clipboard (in-app only): allows pasting the last saved scan.
  6. Front camera: scan with the front camera instead of the default rear camera.
  7. Lock configuration: Disables in-app settings except selecting barcode formats (symbologies).

Smart Scan

A key feature is the ability to make the app smart so your app-users capture the right barcode at the right time.  

  1. Symbology rules: select one or more symbologies to capture, and ignore the rest. With Smart Scan this is rule becomes very powerful.
  2. Content rules: choose to decode based on a prefix, suffix or other data embedded in the barcode.
  3. One or more rule can apply to each scanning mode.
  4. Each Service can have a different set of rules and within a service 

Compare Features

The Scan to Field app lets your app-users scan barcode values into most third-party applications but you lose the ability for rapid, successive scanning that’s common with the codeREADr app. Also, with the codeREADr app you can easily configure workflows specific to each task,  including database validation, and it includes many sophisticated data collection tools (photos, signatures, GPS location, etc.). Both apps have the same barcode scanning technologies.

Compare codeREADr to codeREADr KEY features.

Custom Functionality

If you have any suggestions for making the app better for your use case please share them by emailing

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