Camera Barcode Scanner for Business on Android and iOS

Merchants, educators, and enterprises are beginning to roll out iOS and Android devices for auto-ID and data collection (AIDC) applications. Why? Because traditional mobile computers can cost as much as $1,500 or more. Smartphones and tablets, with or without rugged cases, offer a low cost, easily replaceable and customizable alternative. In many cases, these ‘consumer’ devices are more convenient (e.g. smaller, lighter) as a camera barcode scanner and offer more features.

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What was Holding up Adoption?

The camera on smartphones is excellent for scanning QR and UPC barcodes but has been far less efficient at reading the plethora of barcode languages used in most commercial applications. While some of those codes are being replaced by QR codes, most businesses will continue to use those other languages for a long time to come when designing codes for a camera barcode scanner.

The Barrier Comes Down

Introducing CodeREADr’s SD PRO scan engine for iOS and Android devices. What makes our SD PRO scan engine special?

  1. Speed: decoding measured in tens of milliseconds with many devices.
  2. Accuracy: accurate decoding is essential.
  3. Versatility: handling ‘exceptions’ is absolutely critical for seamless deployments:
  • Scan virtually all commercial barcode languages
  • Scan damaged barcodes
  • Scan partially obscured barcodes
  • Scan very small barcodes
  • Scan very dense barcodes
  • Scan at extreme angles
  • Scan poorly printed barcodes

What’s in it for you?

As iOS and Android devices continue to permeate the enterprise space, forward looking developers and IT managers will create new, revenue-generating and cost-saving services to track, validate, authenticate and collect data with these amazing devices.


To receive the full benefit of SD PRO, you must use devices with auto-focus cameras. Most Android devices have auto-focus cameras. iOS devices with auto-focus camera’s include the iPhone 4/4S/5, the iPad 3, the iPad Mini and the iPod Touch 5th Gen. The iPhone 3GS has an auto-focus camera, but it is not yet supported (3/2013).

Try the Camera Barcode Scanner Free

Download the CodeREADr app to your phone. On the sign-in page (or in Settings), look for the ‘SD PRO – Try it!’ button. You can optimize scanning by selecting one or more the barcode languages and then tapping the ‘Scan Barcode’ button.