Bluetooth Barcode Scanners

Bluetooth Barcode Scanners and Sleds

Support for Bluetooth Scanners

Notably, Bluetooth barcode scanning accessories can pair with both iOS and Android devices in order to process scans. CodeREADr is a mobile application that supports Bluetooth barcode scanning accessories in addition to the use of cameras. Importantly, when you connect your Bluetooth scanning device with our mobile app, it will process the barcode scans immediately. Also, the CodeREADr mobile application will records the scans to the online barcode system based on your configuration.


Point-and-shoot scanning
Point the laser at a barcode to scan

Only 1 ounce and 0.6 inches thick

Scans over 20 types of 1D barcodes

Rapid barcode scanning
No focus delay or glare interference

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Alternatives to Bluetooth Scanners

While ‘point and shoot’ is a nice option, the trade-off with using Bluetooth barcode scanning accessories is the need for two devices. Therefore, you could consider using a barcode scanning sled like the Honeywell Captuvo. Importantly, it has the same point and shoot capability but the iOS device is integrated with a rugged case and battery pack. Also, you should evaluate our SD PRO scan engine, which rivals the scanning speed and accuracy of purpose built scanners using just the device’s built-in camera. Essentially, there are many other alternatives to bluetooth barcode scanners to fit your use case.

SPP Mode vs. HID Mode

Primarily, Bluetooth scanners can connect to a device in two ways: SPP Mode and HID Mode. First, SPP Mode (Serial Port) is faster as it captures the entire barcode value at once. Secondly, HID Mode uses keyboard emulation to enter one character of the barcode value at a time.

Android SPP / HID Mode
iOS HID Mode only

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Bluetooth Barcode Scanners and Sleds