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Compare Quantity Differences Between Inventory Databases and Cycle Counts

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Check Cycle Counted Quantities Based on Pre-Selected Margins of Error

Use a simple, Google Sheets “Cycle Count Extension” to show physical counting errors. Cycle counting errors are automatically highlighted in a worksheet based on a percentage of errors or a specified error quantity. Errors can be double-checked for accuracy. The quantity can then be adjusted or accepted as counted for re-importing as an updated inventory database.

Is the Cycle Count Extension really free?

The Cycle Count Extension is free. It can be used with or without CodeREADr’s premium web services and mobile apps. You would simply import your inventory database, import your physical count, adjust or accept counted quantities as appropriate, and then export the adjusted inventory database.

The value CodeREADr provides is the ability to have your app users quickly scan item barcodes with the mobile app and enter their physical count. Scanning can be done online or offline and synced when connectivity is available. Audits can be done one location at a time or simultaneously at all locations globally. This process will improve inventory accuracy and save auditing time when compared to paper-based records and outdated electronic methods.

Also, the Extension can be improved beyond its current scope. Google Sheets consultants can readily add formulas, functions, and connected sheets. Developers can also add to and improve the open-source app script under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation.

Why offer the Cycle Count Extension for free?

We want to show customers how easy it can be to take raw data and make it incredibly useful. Google Sheets, Excel, and similar database programs allow simple formulas, functions, and app scripts to be written for achieving custom goals.

With this Cycle Count Extension, an app script compares scan records with item-level quantity data to help increase audit accuracy. However, app scripts are not just for inventory audits.

Customers can also analyze scan records and generate reports for many other applications, including access control, asset tracking, facility maintenance, security patrols, work-in-progress, and many other data capture applications. With formulas, functions, and app scripts, businesses can build their own custom reports based on their specific use cases.

The cost for a consultant to write formulas, functions, and app scripts can be surprisingly low. A lot can be accomplished for only hundreds of dollars. In many cases, the return on investment can be quite high.

Where do I get the Cycle Count Extension?

You can download this Google sheet to use for your cycle counts. Note that you will make a copy of this file for your active work.

Are instructions and updates offered for the Cycle Count Extension?

To learn how to use the extension, simply download this instructional document (PDF) to get started. Any Cycle Count extension updates will be added to this article along with any new instructions.

What other tools and helpful hints are available for conducting Cycle Counts and Inventory Audits?

Here are several inventory-related articles that offer a good overview of the available tools.

  1. Simplify Cycle Counts and Inventory Audits: This article describes how to set up and use instant count verification on location when physically counting inventory.
  2. Inventory Audits – Stop Collecting Bad Barcode Data: This article describes how to improve accuracy with tools like REGEX, duplicate checking, Smart Scan, and validating scans against a database.
  3. How to Improve Barcode Scanning Accuracy: This article adds a few more options for improving accuracy. Included is a video showing 30 barcodes scanned in less than 5 seconds. The CodeREADr app can now scan up to 200 barcodes in a single view.
  4. Overview of Configuring an Inventory Audit App: This overview shows the features available when configuring the CodeREADr app for inventory audits. You can also schedule a call with an expert.