Postback URL: Real Time and Offline

First, you can post scan records directly to your servers or third party servers. Also, you can post those in real time if the app has Internet connectivity (online). Moreover, if you are offline, you can upload those from the app when you have the connectivity. You can use this feature for validation services and record-only services.

You can enable postback in real-time by selecting ‘Redirect Scans to a Third Party Server’ on the first tab when creating a service. This option is for scan records that you want to post directly to and from the app to your server, called Direct Scan to URL (DSU).

Commonly, users select a Postback URL on the Advanced tab when creating a service. Here, you can post scan records to our server first and then yours. Also, you can do this with or without a return response to the app from your server. Enabling postback here gives you many options, including the ability to select an Export Template to determine what data gets posted and the ability to post scan records captured offline (Postback on upload).