codeREADr KEY: Android Keyboard Wedge App

Scan to Field Instructions

A. Requirements

1. Android OS 6.0 or greater.

2. To scan into web applications with the floating ‘bubble’ key, you must use the Chrome browser. To use the Samsung browser (or other browsers) you’ll need to use our quick-toggle keyboard option.

3. To scan into native applications you can use either the floating bubble key or our quick-toggle keyboard option

B. Setup

1. Download the app from Google Play.  Search for “codeREADr KEY: Scan to Field“. [Note: This app won’t be live on Google Play until Nov. 26 2018.]

2. Tap the app’s icon on the Android device:

3. You’ll briefly see the app’s splash page:

4. Enter your app-user credentials (or use TRY IT NOW for demo):

5. Toggle Scanner OFF to Scanner ON and then select a scanning configuration. Configurations are built on by the account administrator and can include ‘Modes’ and ‘Smart Scan’ filters. The TRY IT NOW option has a few modes for demo purposes.

6. When launching the codeREADr KEY app for the first time you will be prompted to allow the app access to scan with the device’s camera and use Accessibility.

7. To scan into a web or native form field you need to have that screen open on the device. With the cursor blinking in the target field, tap the floating scan key to open the camera. Tap into another field to scan into that field.

8. The floating scan key can be placed anywhere on your screen. It will automatically dim.

9. You can also swipe it down to dismiss it.

10. Once dismissed you’ll see a push notification on the top of the screen To toggle the floating scan key back on simply swipe down from the top of the screen and tap the banner to have the Scanner ON.