Preview Multiple Barcodes Simultaneously

Assets with multiple barcodes positioned closely together can be challenging to scan. If the target barcode is a different type then the surrounding barcodes then you can select only that format (or formats) when creating a service or from the app’s settings. However, if that’s not the case, within the camera view of our SD PRO scan engine upgrade, app users can preview the values of multiple barcodes simultaneously and then select the correct barcode to capture and submit to a scan record.



To try it, sign in to the codeREADr app, select ‘Settings’ and ‘SD PRO – Try It’. Then select the ‘Barcode Preview (AR)’ option. Position the camera over multiple barcodes within the camera view and then tap the individual barcode you want to capture.Note: The camera and auto-focus technology used on smartphones and tablets continue to advance along with codeREADr’s scanning and decoding technology. We see a future where this preview process, augmented with auto-selection technology, could significantly improve the accuracy and efficiency of asset tracking applications. Contact us about your application.

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