Can’t scan your barcode? Or want to use a traditional barcode scanner? No problem.

If our standard camera scan engine isn’t fast enough for your application based on the default settings, you can try optimizing for specific barcode type(s) in the app’s settings or on the Advanced tab when creating/editing your services (for Code 39 barcodes, the iOS app must be specifically set for that type).If you’re not sure what barcode type you need to scan, you can find out by tapping the ‘SD PRO – TRY IT’ button on the codeREADr app’s sign-in page or in the app’s settings. If that’s still insufficient, you have three options:

  1. You can upgrade to our SD PRO scan engine. It also uses just the built-in camera of iOS and Android devices but it scans 50-barcode languages as fast as most industrial mobile computers and purpose-built scanners.You can try it for free. On the codeREADr app’s sign-in page look for ‘SD PRO – Try It’ and scan your target barcodes. You can further improve performance by optimizing it to read just the barcode types you plan to scan. You can read more about it and see a video here.
  2.  You can use barcode scanning accessories, such as a Bluetooth accessory paired Android or iOS device; or a barcode scanning sled directly connected to the iOS connector; or a purpose-built Android mobile computers.
  3.  You can use Chrome on PCs, Macs and Chromebooks with Bluetooth or USB barcode scanners. Look here for more info on using a computer as a scanner.

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