Enterprise App for Infinite Peripherals Barcode Scanners

Enterprise App for Infinite Peripherals Sleds: Imperea, Linea Pro 7 UHF, Infinea mPOS, Infinea Tab, Infinea X, Linea Pro 7, Omni One S, Omni One P and Omni One SP

Of particular note is the Imperea sled with which barcode scanning is executed solely with the built-in iOS camera, not a Imager. That saves money while still enabling best-in-class barcode scanning with the codeREADr app’s full array of unique, camera-based Scanning Modes and Smart Scan technologies.

With the other barcode scanning sleds you pay a bit more for the Imager but for some applications the value-add of the aimer is worth the extra cost. With the codeREADr app you can use the Imager on those devices for scanning and also the camera for scanning, toggling between the two depending on the scanning task at hand.

With these devices you can use the codeREADr “workflow” app configured on the codeREADr website for collecting data with form fields, dropdown menus, photos, signatures, GPS location, etc.

If you already have your own web app or natvie app with form fields and you simply want to scan barcode data into those fields, then you can also use the codeREADr KEY app.

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