Importing a CSV File

The codeREADr platform supports the industry-standard CSV comma-delimited format for database import. Simply select Import to upload your CSV file.

Important Notes

  1. Our CSV formatting guidelines must be followed.
  2. When you import a new file to an existing database, only new barcode values in column 1 will be added. If the barcode value and response text are the same, then nothing will change. However, if the barcode value is the same but the response text is different, the new response text will overwrite the old text.
  3. Also, if you want to remove values from a database, use the ‘Clear’ option to remove all values from the database. Then, re-import a new CSV file with the values removed. You can also remove values manually one-by-one. However, that can be tedious if you have a lot of values to delete.
  4. Autofill will add unique values to the database.
  5. You can change the value in column 3 (Status) from ‘1’ (the default) to ‘0’ if you want to give the app-user an ‘Invalid’ response when that value is scanned.

If you are using a Validate Scans service type where duplicates are, know that the table storing the duplicate status of the scanned values is NOT stored in the database. Instead, it is stored for the Service using that database. What that means is you can use one database for many Services even if you are checking for duplicates.

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