GPS Location Tracking

Track & Trace with GPS via Barcodes or NFC tags

First, you can enable this option when creating your Services using the Advanced tab. Also, you will have options to choose when to track. Moreover, it will always record location data after a scan (or a manual entry or lookup search). There are two options:

Foreground GPS

Using this option, the app user can see their location with every scan. The coordinates recorded are posted with each scan like any ‘Question’ (app-user prompt) answer is recorded. Typical Foreground GPS selections:

  • Before submitting a scan
  • After submitting a scan

Background GPS

It records the location data each scan without the app user needing to do anything. The coordinates recorded are posted with each scan as a scan property.

Note: For background GPS, if the GPS indicator bar on the Tap to Scan page is green, then the device is tracking via GPS. However, if it is red, it may track via a wireless network instead (assuming that’s enabled in the device’s settings). Also, it may not be tracking yet due to connectivity issues.

Track the devices location at time of scan

Import Barcode Scan Data to Google’s My Maps

While our Scans page offers a map view,  to visualize each scan as pins on a map, including the associated data in each scan record, the ideal method is to use Google’s My Maps custom map builder.

Raw Coordinate Data

Here is the breakdown of the raw coordinate data:

geo://lat,lng,alt,accuracy_in_meters,age_in_secs[Scan-LocationTimeDiff],provider,address{214 Lincoln St…}