August 25, 2017 4 min read

Import Scans to Google’s My Maps

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When your authorized app users scan barcodes or read NFC Tags with the CodeREADr app, their action creates a formal scan record stored on our server, your server or a third party’s database/server. That record includes (optional *):

  • Barcode value
  • Name and description *
  • App username
  • Timestamp
  • Answers to app-user prompts (form fields, drop-down menus, etc.) *
  • Secondary barcode scans *
  • Photos *
  • Signatures *
  • GPS (coordinates and address) *

If you choose to capture the GPS location of each scan and then export those records to Google’s MyMaps site you can visualize each scan as pins on a map including the associated data in each record.

What can you track?

You can track anything that has a unique identifier. That can be a barcode, an NFC tag, or even just a textual list which the app user can look up in a table uploaded to our server. Here are some examples:

  • Employees, Subcontractors
  • Equipment deployed for field use
  • Fixed assets (doors, windows, HVAC, etc.)
  • Vehicles
  • Deliveries
  • Documents

Helpful hints

On CodeREADr’s website, you can configure the app for a wide range of Solutions. For mapping, here are some important hints:

You will need to export a CSV file from the Scans page of You should use the Export Template tool to configure the file to present the select data in the order you want available in the map view. Be sure to edit the GPS record to show the coordinates in one GPS field and the address (if needed) in a cloned GPS field.

When setting up your Services (the tasks assigned to your app users) you may want to include a way to know to whom the asset was transferred. One way to do that is to include a prompt for the app-user to scan the recipient’s ID after scanning the asset’s barcode. Alternatively, you could have a drop-down menu from which to select the recipient by name.