July 2, 2019 10 min read

Smart Barcode Scanners for Delivery Scanning

Delivery Scanner
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Delivery Scanning: Capture the Right Data in Real-Time

Purpose-Built Scanners

Honeywell, Zebra, Datalogic, and many others offer rugged, purpose-built barcode scanners with extended battery life. Typically, they have a powerful, built-in aimer, which is an important tool for capturing the right barcode. Also, their imaging engines are perfect for reading barcodes even from a distance.

With the CodeREADr app, you can limit scanning to pre-selected barcode types, and validate against a database. Moreover, you can check scanned data against pre-set patterns, such as prefix, suffix, string length, etc.

Smartphones and Tablets as Scanners

When using your own staff for deliveries, it makes sense to provision purpose-built scanners. Also, when hiring third-party services, you can provision purpose-built scanners to your employees. Regardless, you can control those devices, and generate higher ROI over many deliveries.

However, for some companies, it makes sense for delivery people to use their own devices. For example, if they work only part-time, using their own device is more efficient than provisioning purpose-built scanners.

New Technology for Camera Scanning

The Framing mode is popular for delivery tracking because the app captures just the barcode in the frame. Also, the Trigger mode is valuable because it only captures the barcode when the user taps a virtual button. Ultimately, it mimics the hardware button on purpose-built scanners that triggers the scan.

Smart Scan technology allows you to configure barcode filters based on your preset configurations. More specifically, you can target barcodes and capture them only when they match. For instance, you can hover the camera over 5-10 barcodes. Interestingly, the camera will only capture the one that matches the preset filter(s).

Most purpose-built scanners that have imagers for scanning also have cameras for taking photos. Those devices can take advantage of both scanning technologies. Specifically, first, the app user can scan with the imager’s aimer for distance scanning. In addition, the user can scan with the camera for Scanning Modes and Smart Scan. Learn more about CodeREADr’s scanning modes and smart scan here.

Tracking Progress from Order to Delivery

Some vendors want to also track the pre-delivery status of customer orders. You can now do that with our Table Builder feature.

Validate up to 100 Listed Items in Seconds

We’ve offered A/B Compare feature for barcode scanning for many years when the first scan (“A”) is compared to a second scan (“B”) and if they match, the app user sees a “Valid” result.

Now think of a delivery person, in a single camera view, scans a list of barcodes representing 30 tracking numbers (the scanned Batch “A”). After that, he scans the individual barcodes on each delivered item (the scanned Batch “B”). Ultimately, if Batch A matches Batch B, the app user sees a Valid result. This means that all the items were correctly delivered.

If this new A/B Batch technology is of interest, please contact support@codereadr.com for further information.