Auto-Next Field and Secondary Barcode Scans

To create a scan record you need to initiate the record with a ‘primary scan’ or other method to capture an ID, including:

  • Scan, tap or swipe a barcode, RFID/NFC or MagStripe;
  • Manually enter data; or,
  • Look up and select an ID from an online or on-device database.

If after the primary scan you want the app user to collect data associated to that scan record, you have a number of choices (look here about choosing an answer type). Among your choices you’ll see the option to use single-line or multi-line ‘Short Answer’ questions, including the ability to capture data with additional scans (aka ‘secondary’ scans).

The single line option auto-advances the cursor to the next field and auto-submits the record when done, thus making the data collection process very fast. This is particularly useful when scanning secondary barcodes.

In contrast, the multi-line option forces the app user to manually advance by tapping the next field, thus allowing the app user time to review the collected data before advancing to the next field or submitting the entire record. A benefit of multi-line is that you can scan many barcodes into a single field and even add additional information via text or voice entry to the same field.

You can combine single-line and multi-line questions in the same service, depending on your workflow. It’s common to end a series of single-line questions with a multi-line question so the app user has the option to review their work before submitting the complete scan record.

Scanning Accessories

If you are using an accessory to scan secondary barcodes rather than the Android or iOS device’s camera, DO NOT check this option as this will open the device’s camera:

Enable scan barcode to scan the answer

With scanning accessories you can choose the HID mode (keyboard emulation) or SPP mode. Since the HID mode takes over keyed entry, the only way to key in data is through the scanning accessory. The app user can tap the answers to multiple choice questions or tap buttons, but not manually key in data. In the HID mode, the cursor always auto-advances to the next field.

In the SPP mode you can enter data in any way you want. The SPP mode is only available for Android devices. The companion Bluetooth scanning accessories from Opticon are known to work with the codeREADr app in the SPP mode (see here for more information on Bluetooth).

Camera Scanning

If you plan to use the Android or iOS device’s camera for scanning secondary barcodes, you DO need check this option as it will open the camera for scanning:

Enable scan barcode to scan the answer

When using the camera, the cursor will not auto-advance to the next field. The app user will need to tap the next field.

Special camera view options (Scanning Modes and Smart Scan) are available when using our SD PRO scan engine upgrade, including scanning up to 100 barcodes in a single view and the ability to preview and select the correct barcodes before capturing them.

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