Are there Character Limits for Barcode Values?

Yes, 100 characters was set as the a practical limit for uploading barcode values to a validation database residing on our servers. However, the codeREADr apps do not have a set limit, therefore you can record whatever the apps can scan. If you want to validate barcode values exceeding 100 characters, it’s possible if the first 100 characters are unique. We would need to create a regex to alter the scanned value, dropping any characters after the first 100 from the scan. Contact us for more information.

  • 2D barcodes: Whenever possible, we recommend limiting your barcode values to 20 or fewer characters so the app can more quickly scan the barcode. If using our QR barcode generator, you can include letters (abc), numbers (123), special characters (%>~) and even spaces. Note: The database will only be case sensitive if it was created that way.
  • 1D barcodes: the limit is dictated by the 1D barcode type you use.
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