Add Service Advanced Settings

Allow users to view other users’ scans

This feature allows any user who is assigned to this service to see all scans conducted by this service in real-time with a real-time total. If enabled, this will display all scans in the History tab of the codeREADr app. This feature is useful for grouped events such as ticketing shows or inventory checks when there are multiple devices and multiple users attempting to cross reference scans. By allowing other users to see these scans, a person, ticket, asset or inventory item can be easily checked from any phone or device.

Allow users to delete scans saved on device

This feature allows users to delete scans that have been saved on the device but haven’t been uploaded yet. Once scans have been uploaded, you can delete them on the Scans page of

Allow users to edit answers saved on device

By enabling this feature, every app user can edit their own data collection answers. Once uploaded, this data cannot be edited.

Email me when on-device scans are uploaded

By enabling this feature, scans uploaded from an on-device service will be immediately forwarded to the email address defined here by the account Administrator.

Forbid users from backing up scans on-device when connectivity fails

By enabling this feature, scans cannot be saved on the device if connectivity fails. All scans must be submitted online. This feature forces app users to keep trying to connect and, if they cannot, to tell their manager.

Setting a Fixed Time For a Service

If you’re creating a service for an event, or you’re using codeREADr for a project with a definite beginning and end date, you’ll want to keep people from scanning when the event is already over, or when it hasn’t yet begun. You can do this automatically by setting an active duration for the service. When an app user signs into the app before or after its active duration, the app will not display this service. To enable this feature, click this checkbox and then click on the boxes to specify the date you’d like the service to begin and the date you’d like it to end.

Set Service Duration

Tracking a Device’s Location

You can record the location of the device at the time of each scan. It’s another great way to increase accountability, allowing you to confirm that each scan was conducted in an authorized location. You can choose to have locations collected in the foreground as a Question or in the background as a scan Property. Click here for more information on GPS scanning.

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