Inserting Scan Records Directly into External Databases

Automating the movement of data

A. Developers

We offer developers several options for inserting scan records into their own or third-party databases. Those options include Postback URL and Direct Scan to URL (DSU) which post scans from the codeREADr app to the third party’ server. Another option is fetching scan records using our API.

B. Anyone – no coding required!

There are many web applications that enable third-party service providers to automate the movement of data from one web app to the other. Those apps typically connect via an API.

The codeREADr web application (i.e. the server where your validation databases and scan records reside) now works with a number of those web applications.

Here’s a list of options. If you don’t see your service provider on this list please contact codeREADr support to see if they are on our roadmap. Alternatively you can use a ‘connector’ service like Zapier that supports 100’s of apps.

  • QuickBase: Add, Validate, Edit records. [Enterprise Platform-as-a-Service with real time insertion.]
  • Google Sheets: Insert records. [Sheets currently only enables inserts hourly.]
  • Zapier: Insert + Receive records to many third party apps, e.g. Salesforce to insert new records. [Zapier currently only enables inserts every 15 minutes. Email for an invite.]

Note: Watch your API limits. For example, the 1-Device plan allows 30 API calls per minute. If you are inserting once per minute to 30 or more different sheets/tables, you will need to upgrade to a higher plan allowing 60, 90 or 180 calls per minute. Please look here for pricing information.

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