Pricing FAQs

Please see our Pricing Page for available plans.

The billing system has been designed to give you flexibility and the lowest pricing possible to achieve your goals. If you have any questions please contact

What are the limits of the Free Plan?

The Free Plan allows you to demo and configure the mobile apps for your intended application. Though limited to a total of 50 scans/month/email account, you can test the most common features with up to 10 devices and 10 app usernames.  Limitations include:

  • No API access – (unless you are a developer you won’t need API access).
  • Auto Sync is disabled
  • CSV Download Link is disabled
  • Maximum of 100,000 database values
  • Scan records are retained for only 90 days

Developers and enterprise or institutional clients needing more than 50 scans or API access for testing, please email You should include as much information about your company and application as possible. The team will review your request and respond promptly.

Can I use codeREADr for one month or month-to-month?

Yes. After upgrading to a paid plan, you can downgrade at any time. It is your responsibility to go to your My Plans page on to downgrade before the beginning of your next monthly billing cycle. You can upgrade again at any time. There are no refunds if you forget to downgrade on time. 

What happens if I downgrade from a Paid Plan to the Free Plan?

You will be subject to the limitations of the Free Plan. Be sure to export your scan records and databases within 90 days of downgrading if you will need that data in the future.

I just upgraded to paid plan. Will I be charged for devices used before I upgraded?

No. Your billable device count is re-set to zero devices once you upgrade.

“You have reached your device maximum.” What does that mean?

That message is shown to your app users if you 1) have disabled ‘overage’ on your Account page or 2) you have restricted the number of devices an app username can sign in to. [See more info below on controlling users and devices.]

When does my monthly billing period begin?

It begins the day you upgrade from a Free Plan to a Paid Plan.

What does ‘overage’ mean?

Overage refers to devices used that exceed the number included in your paid Plan. This was set up so you don’t have to worry about exceeding the number of devices included in your paid Plan. Instead of overestimating, you can underestimate and potentially save money.

For example, let’s say you think you’ll use between 5 to 9 devices a month. Selecting the 5-Device Plan includes 5 devices. If you sign-in with 9 devices during a given billing period, those extra 4 devices will be billed at the end of that month’s billing period at the same 5-Device rate, without any penalty fees. In that way, you don’t have to sign up for a higher Device Plan to cover usage greater than 5 devices.

You can disable overage on your Account page. Be sure to cover the maximum number of devices you would use, including a spare or two just in case. If an app user tries to sign into the app when over the limit they will see this in-app message: “You have reached your device limit. Please contact your account administrator.”

You can then either upgrade your plan or enable overage. Both will take immediate effect.

What Device Plan should I choose?

1 Device Plan: select for 1-4 devices

5- Device Plan: select for 5-9 devices

10-Device Plan: select for 10-24 devices

25-Device Plan: select for 25-49 devices

50+ Device Plans: contact us

When is a device counted as included in my plan or as overage (a “billable” device)?

A device is counted as billable if your authorized app-user signs into the device anytime during your monthly billing period. The monthly count is not based on concurrently used devices but instead, the total number of unique devices that signed in during your monthly billing period.

Can I use different devices each month and not be charged for devices used in previous months?

Yes. Your billable device count is re-set to zero devices at the beginning of each monthly billing cycle. Only if that device is used to sign in again during the next cycle(s) will it be counted as billable again.

Can I delete a device from my account?

No, but as noted above it doesn’t matter because your billable device count is re-set to zero devices at the beginning of each monthly billing cycle. However, if that device is used to sign in again during the next cycle it will be counted as billable again.

Does the SD PRO scan engine cost more?

Yes. SD PRO uses your device’s camera just as our standard scan engine does. While our standard scan engine is good, SD PRO is much faster and scans many more barcode types. The price for SD PRO is $5.00 per device per month and is in addition to your monthly Device Plan pricing. You can add or remove SD PRO when upgrading or changing your paid plan.

Do you have special plans available?

Yes. We can create special plans. Contact with your specific use case.

Can I pay by wire, ACH, PayPal or check instead of using a credit card?

The billing system is fully automated when using monthly credit card billing. This is the most efficient and cost-effective option for our clients and it is our standard process.

We can also issue monthly invoices for international wire, ACH, PayPal or check payments for accounts a) with a least a 10-Device Plan monthly for a minimum of 6 consecutive months; or b) the minimum annual payment (see below).

You must specify an email address for invoicing since we do not physically mail invoices. Non-US customers must pay by international wire or via PayPal. US customers should pay by ACH transfers. Sending checks is strongly discouraged but accepted if there is no other option. Payment terms are net 10 days on receipt unless otherwise agreed. For international wire, you must pre-pay all banking fees or be subject to additional surcharges.

Can I pay for a year in advance?

Yes. To determine the annual fee, you must determine the maximum number of devices you’ll sign into in any given month of the year. Email our support team with this information and we’ll confirm your annual fee.

The minimum amount is $540.00 for up to 3 devices/month including the SD PRO scan engine.

If you enter a credit card on the codeREADr website, there is no setup fee.  With all other payment methods, there’s a $40.00 setup fee and you must pre-pay all your own banking fees (if any).

Can I control who uses codeREADr?

Yes. You create and distribute your own app credentials (usernames and passwords) to companies/people you know or do business with. You can delete those credentials at any time or remove them from accessing one or more – or even all services. If all services are removed they will not be able to sign in to the app and therefore their device sign-ins won’t count as billable.

Can I control how many devices are used?

Yes. When you create your app user credentials you can limit the number of devices that app username can use. If they try to sign into the app over that limit they will get an in-app message: “You have reached your device limit. Please contact your account administrator.” You can change that limit at any time on the Users page of the website.

You can also limit app users to specific Services and elect to have those Services automatically expire.

I need to test with lots of devices. Are they billable?

They are billable if you use your paid account. If you want to test for free, simply sign up for another account with the Free Plan.

Do you offer support?

Yes. Our SaaS platform is self-service web application used to configure the codeREADr mobile app based on specific use cases (tasks). The basics are simple and clear. However, you may need help with clarification or special considerations and we are delighted to assist. Support is free for accounts with paid plans and for accounts expecting to sign up for a paid plan after their free trial.

We have an extensive Knowledgebase and Best Practices with Instructions. Use those articles to start configuring your “Services” (tasks) and then ask questions on our website’s Chat while you are building them. If the Chat team isn’t online, send an email to for a quick answer (12-hours or sooner, depending on your time zone).

Can I pay you to configure the app and services for me?

Yes. We offer a paid consulting option to help you define your objectives, build your services and generate your reports. The setup cost is $500. It includes phone support and training from one of our technical specialists.

Are your Terms and Conditions and other policies negotiable?

Yes, but that should not be necessary because our standard documentation is published in the codeREADr website’s footer, including Terms and Conditions  |  Privacy Policy | Compliance | Security Info. Please note that we cannot consider any special policy arrangements without a purchase order for services representing at least $5000 annually in revenue.

What are API calls and how do they affect me?

API Calls should not concern you unless you plan to have your developers integrate your third-party applications with the codeREADr platform.

Developers: The use of our API is only available for accounts with paid plan. An API call is only counted when the codeREADr server receives a call from a third party’s server. We strongly encourage developers to be efficient in the use of our APIs.

API calls specifically do not include any scans, searches, history, etc. requests from the codeREADr app to either the codeREADr server or from the app to a third party server. Also, the use of Postback URL or Direct Scan to URL do not use API calls.

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