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    Postback + Direct Scan to URL (DSU)

    Postback URLs are used to relay data from the codeREADr app to the URL of your choice. This is one of codeREADr’s most valuable features. [We know of IT companies and independent developers who have created new services and even businesses based on this codeREADr feature.] The API documentation is located here.

    Postback URL

    When using our Postback URL service  type, data goes from the scanning device to codeREADr’s servers and then gets relayed to your postback URL. This allows us to store the data for use with our managing features such as history review and filtered data exporting. Postback URL also offer the benefit of batch scan upload from the device in cases where internet connectivity is lost.

    When creating or editing a Service, you can enable Postback URL as a Service Type (the first step) or on the Advanced Tab which offers additional features (please look here for Postback documentation).

    With Postback URL you can post records to your scan data based on an Export Template. This option does not apply to DSU at this time.

    A tool to test your postback is located here.

    Direct Scan to URL (DSU)

    We also provide an option to bypass our servers and scan directly to your URL – it’s called Direct Scan to URL (DSU). The app will POST scan data directly to your URL allowing you to keep your scan data completely contained within your organization.

    You can use LAN (local area network) URLs as long as the device is also on that LAN. It is inherently faster because scan data goes directly to you and not through our servers. All scan data remains completely private because it never comes to our servers.

    Note: If required, with DSU you will have to create your own URLs for in-app scan review (history) and your own database for in-app database Lookup.


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