New Photo Collect

IMPORTANT: To use this feature you need to use the iOS and Android OS apps published August 2017  or later.

This new Question option will replace the existing ‘Dropbox Photo’ option on Sept. 28, 2017. Until then both will be available as options in the drop-down menu when selecting the Answer Type. However, you should use the ‘New Photo Collect’ option when creating new questions. Your previously created ‘Dropbox Photo’ questions will continue to work as expected until Sept. 28, 2017. Please update your existing “Dropbox Photo’ to this new option before then.


  1. You can choose to upload photos from the app to Dropbox or to your own server via FTP.
  2. Our new integration with Dropbox allows you to automatically connect photo uploads to your Dropbox account. Your app users no longer will need to enter any Dropbox credentials.
  3. You can specify which folder (‘path’) to upload the photos to. That folder can be the same for all photos or be different for each Service.
  4. You can choose the photo quality by height or width and by compression.
  5. More ‘Medium Types’ are planned for future integration.

Instructions – FTP

If you’ve selected FTP as the Medium Type, you will need to ask your IT department for instructions on what to enter here.

Note: Currently the in-app History button will not show the captured images once they are uploaded to your FTP server. We are preparing a workaround. Please contact our support team if you have any questions. [Sept 29, 2017.]

Instructions – Dropbox

If you’ve selected Dropbox as the Medium Type, you can set this up yourself.

A. Selecting your Dropbox account

You can use your Free or Paid account on Dropbox. If have already signed into your Dropbox account in your browser (recommended), you will see that account as an option to select. If not, select ‘Link new account’ to sign in. Once signed into Dropbox you’ll be able to choose that account on

Note: If you are already signed into your Dropbox account but want to use a different account, sign out of Dropbox before proceeding.

B. Entering the Upload Path

Standard: Simply enter ‘/’ (a forward slash) as the Upload Path in the form field.

Photos are uploaded to the Apps/codeREADr folder of the selected Dropbox account:

You can customize by creating subfolders inside the codeREADr folder. For example, if you created the subfolder employee_photos, you would input ‘/employee_photos/’ as the Upload Path and photos would be uploaded to

C. Auto-Generate file name

DO NOT change the default at this time. This is meant for features expected to be deployed in the future.

D. Prefix/Suffix

For advanced users. You can add a prefix like ‘client_name_’ or ‘event_name-’ or the ‘service_name_’ here if valuable for viewing/sorting. You can only use alphanumeric characters and symbols like _ or – for this feature or it can break the path.

E. Image width or height cannot exceed

Specify a maximum number of pixels if you want to restrict the file size for each photo. If you don’t specify an image width or height, the photo will be whatever size the device’s camera takes or the size of the source image selected. Those files can be quite large. Option: Test various sizes but note that the larger the file the longer it takes to sync, especially with a slow internet connection.

Note: If you were using the Dropbox Photo option in the past, the default settings were Image Size = 960

F. Compress image

Device dependent, this will help you control the file size.  If you don’t specify the compression, there will be no compression. Those file sizes can be quite large. Option: Test various compressions but note that the larger the file the longer it takes to sync, especially with a slow internet connection.

Note: If you were using the Dropbox Photo option in the past, the default settings were Compression = 65

G. Collect link

When checked (the default), a shared link is created and included in the scan record for that photo. This is necessary if you want your scan records to have a clickable link for reviewing the photos associated with each scan. However, your photos would be viewable by anyone with those links. When unchecked, the images are private and the shared link is removed from the scan record. 

Note: With Collect link enabled for FTP uploads, the links are viewable but signing in would be required because your site would be password protected.

H. Connect to Services

You can choose to have this AVAILABLE to all services or just specific ones. If you do make it available, then when creating or editing your service(s) you will see this question as an option to add to the service.

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