Manage Users

Upload a list of users via a comma-delimited CSV file:

user file


  • You cannot have column headings. It is here for reference only.
  • You can download your current list of Users to have a template to edit current Users and/or add more Users. Then, you can simply upload it. Also, be sure to save the file as a comma-delimited CSV file. Moreover, you can upload a file that includes only the changes you want.
  • To delete a User, you need to have ‘delete_approved’ in column 5. However, if that column is, blank the system will assume you want to keep or add that User.
  • ‘0’ under the device limit means there is no limit set.
  • ‘-1’ under the device limit means the app user has no access.
  • ‘1’ (or greater) under the device limit means the app user can sign into 1 device (or the number specified here).
  • The User ID column should be blank when you want to create a new user. Also, it should contain the actual codeREADr User ID of the existing user to Update or Delete the user.
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