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  • Export Template Instructions for Database Builder with Postback URL

How to extract specific values from Postback DBB Result text in an export template:

1. Assuming you had three questions labeled as the following:

Name and Address

Social Security Number

Male or Female

2. Drag Result from the Static choicesto the Columns for the template

3. Click the pencilto modify the column using a patternand replacement

4. Enter this in the Patternfield




5. Enter this in the Replacementfield


6. Use the cloneicon next to the pencilto duplicate the Result (response after each scan) column for as many fields as you want to collect. For this example I would clone until I had 3 Result boxes to match my 3 questions.

7. For each Result box, swap out QUESTION_LABEL with the one you want to be in that column (i.e. Name and Address):

^([\s\S]*)”label”:”Name and Address”([\s\S]*?),”value”(:”


^([\s\S]*)”label”:”Social Security Number”([\s\S]*?),”value”(:”


^([\s\S]*)”label”:”Male or Female”([\s\S]*?),”value”(:”


8. Here’s another example using this Result’s formatted response:


{“id”:491594,”label”:”Name and Address”,”type”:”text”,”value”:”John Doe\n214 Lincoln St. 02134″},

{“id”:483245,”label”:”Check In or Out”,”type”:”text”,”value”:”IN”},



If I wanted the name and address I would use pattern

^([\s\S]*)”label”:”Name and Address”([\s\S]*?),”value”(:”


and replacement is still