Device Requirements and Data Policies

Device Requirements

  • iPhone: Requires iOS 7.0+ or greater with the iPhone 3GS (or later) iPod Touch 4th and 5th Gen, iPad Mini and iPad 3 and 4. The version to use in the field is the Production iOS app. There’s also an Admin Edition app for administrators to test new app features before they are pushed live to the Production app.
  • Android: The Android app requires Android OS 4.0.5 or greater and an autofocus camera. There is only one Android app because there are many ways to distribute Android apps for test purposes (on request).
  • BlackBerry: The BlackBerry app requires OS 10. There is only one BlackBerry app. Long term support is not guaranteed without confirmation from codeREADr.

Data Requirements

Using the codeREADr app does not require a cellular data plan. You can use the app on a Wi-Fi and 3G/4G/LTE cellular networks. For scanning directly to your own server within a local network, please refer to our Direct Scan to URL (DSU) option.

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