codeREADr for Lead Retrieval

Capture leads with smartphones by scanning badges barcodes.

Your tradeshow exhibitors need a way to more easily capture leads. Card swiping and pen and paper are too archaic, while industrial barcode scanners are expensive to rent. codeREADr lets exhibitors capture leads with a convenient and secure device they may already own: the smartphone.

Scan badges, get leads.

Exhibitors just scan attendee badges with their phones to capture leads. Since the lead's contact information is hosted in the cloud rather than embedded in the barcode, you control how and to whom the leads are distributed after the event.

Secure access.

Give each exhibitor unique login credentials to our smartphone app, authorizing them to capture leads for their company.

Note-taking made easy.

Take notes and set action items immediately after an attendee's badge is scanned. Just type notes into the device's keyboard, or customize a series of multiple choice questions to fill out.

Track employee performance.

With individual usernames for each staff member in a booth, your exhibitors can track each employee's lead generation. Make sure personnel are pulling their weight, and reward the employees who generate the most leads.

Affordable, powerful hardware.

Whether using the exhibitor's own devices or purchasing your own to lease out, using smartphones to generate leads is sure to be a cost-effective decision. With friendly manufacturer warantees for damaged hardware, durable ruggedized cases and widespread retail distribution, you can feel confident in codeREADr's ability to scale and support events both large and small.