October 31, 2020 8 min read

Smartphones and Edge Computing

Scan, Validate, and Process Data on the Edge with Smartphones, Tablets, and Rugged Devices.


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On-Device Edge Computing with iOS and Android OS Devices

The CodeREADr SaaS platform provides powerful edge computing technologies that are configurable online for use with iOS and Android OS devices. To solve data quality problems, the platform’s no-code utility validates data against an on-device database. Also, to improve data accuracy, the low-code utility allows creating new types of validation and computation.


Custom On-Device Validation

Administrators can simply copy and paste existing scripts or write new validation scripts with CodeREADr’s Custom On-Device Validation (COV) feature. Thus, easily enhance the scanning and data entry capabilities that are already standard with the platform.

These complex, edge computing processes are brought directly to app users’ iOS and Android mobile devices through the CodeREADr mobile application.

Utilizing CodeREADr’s COV feature, when an administrator plugs a script into their scanning service, it will automatically push down to their teams of app users. Then, edge computing runs totally in the background. Thus, so app users don’t have to train.

Also, Custom-On Device Validations provides a set of conditions, match or alter scanned values or responses, overwrite statuses based upon instructions, and more.

You can review our pre-written COV scripts in Knowledge Base, representing only a handful of the powerful COV functions. Then, using JavaScript, developers can build custom validations based on these examples. Also, on request, the CodeREADr dev team can write custom COV scripts for clients, or recommend developers for those who may not have in-house programmers.

Optical Character Recognition and Augmented Reality

The CodeREADr platform’s full suite of high-end features focuses on barcode scanning. However, Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Augmented Reality (AR) technologies are also edge computing tools for data capture.

They natively allow for enhanced computation on the device itself without the need for a cloud connection while capturing data. For example, customizable AR scanning views include Batch, Targeting, Selecting, and Fusion Modes. Admins can configure these modes to automatically perform in a user’s device.

The platform’s Smart Scan feature further enhances those technologies. Use Smart Scan to directly filter, match, and join scanned values on the device directly. Also, you can limit the captured data based on specific rules.

Innovation on the Edge for Scanning and Validation Tools

The suite of scanning and validation tools continue to expand even beyond these offerings, drive innovation on the edge. While our cloud service offers a wide range of data management tools, our on-device edge computing technologies enable instant, direct, and improved data capture offline before uploading to our server or third-party cloud services.