codeREADr for Time and Attendance

Attendance tracking with smartphones.

Save time and money by using a smartphone to automatically record attendance. Whether at school or work, codeREADr makes it easy to use a mobile device's camera or NFC chip to validate IDs.

Scan employees / students in.

Administrators use their smartphones to scan cards upon arrival. Each ID's time of arrival is stored on our servers for later review. Some devices also let you record the GPS coordinates of the scan location.

Branded mobile IDs.

codeREADr doesn't just scan barcodes, it generates them as well. Use our Branded Barcode tool to create professional IDs with your organization's logo and custom text of your choice - suitable for print or a smartphone display.

Secure verification.

When you add a list of IDs to our servers, codeREADr can send a custom response back to the device after each scan, providing you with instant, secure identity verification.