December 22, 2020 8 min read

Boosting Efficiency with Contactless Attendance Tracking Using Barcode Scanning and Kiosk Mode

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Contactless Attendance Tracking Using Barcode Scanning

Employing a front camera, the CodeREADR system efficiently scans QR codes and barcodes in both attended and unattended kiosk modes. This feature ensures swift, hygienic entry management without physical contact, making it ideal for various settings.

Optimize Your Setup with Tablets for Contactless Attendance Tracking

While iPads are traditionally favored for their stability, excellent camera capabilities, and readily available mounting options in kiosk mode, the Amazon Fire tablet presents a budget-friendly alternative, especially suitable for temporary setups. Priced at just $65 per unit—significantly lower than iPads starting at $329—the Fire 7 is an economical choice worth considering.

Running on Fire OS, based on Android, the Fire 7 (9th generation) tablet may not natively support Android apps or access the Google Play Store. However, users can easily sideload necessary applications, such as the CodeREADr Android APK, to enable efficient barcode scanning. For assistance with CodeREADr APK installation, feel free to contact us directly.

In addition to its affordability, the Fire 7 offers commendable scanning performance, handling QR codes and various other 1D and 2D barcode types via both front and rear cameras. While lacking auto-focus, which might limit its use in scanning highly complex barcodes, its capabilities are sufficient for straightforward QR code scanning.

Recommended Settings for Effective Unattended Attendance Tracking

To maximize the utility of your contactless attendance tracking setup, consider the following configurations:

For optimal results, we suggest using the SD PRO scan engine in Framing Mode, allowing clear visibility for attendees to present their IDs. If employing standard camera settings, restrict scanning to QR codes or designated barcode types as needed.

Mounting solutions, such as those offered by “Armour Dog”, and various Fire OS features like “Do Not Disturb” and “App Pinning” further enhance the functionality and security of your device.

Diverse Applications of Contactless Attendance Tracking

This technology proves invaluable across multiple scenarios:

  • Managing student and employee movements on buses.
  • Checking in patrons at bars and restaurants.
  • Monitoring entry and exit of employees, students, and members at various facilities.
  • Registering visitors at specific locations.

Enhance operational efficiency, ensure security, and maintain hygiene standards with Contactless Attendance Tracking

The Amazon Fire 7 (9th Generation) delivers robust performance for contactless attendance tracking at a compelling price point. While future updates to Fire OS may necessitate adjustments to our Android APK, our commitment to support ensures continued functionality. For immediate assistance or more information, please visit our website’s Chat Now feature or email us at

By integrating contactless attendance tracking through barcode scanning in a kiosk mode, organizations can enhance operational efficiency, ensure security, and maintain hygiene standards.