1. Record Scans

If you don’t need to ‘validate’ the parking permit or the vehicle’s VIN number, then you can create a simple Record Scans service type.

Step-by-step instructions

2. Validate Scans

If you need to ‘validate’ the parking permit or the vehicle’s VIN number you need a validation service type.

Step-by-step instructions

Special considerations:

  1. The service can be an online or an on-device (offline) service, depending on whether or not the app user will have stable Internet access their rounds. If an online service, the scan data will instantly be posted to the server for real-time monitoring after each scan. If an on-device service, the scan data can be uploaded manually when the app user gets Internet access or synced in the background automatically if you check Auto Sync in the Advanced step.
  2. When asked to select the ‘Database’, choose the permit/vehicle database you’ve already created or simply create a new name at this step and upload the database later on.
  3. Consider adding a Question (prompt) for data collection. The most common ‘Comments’ using a short answer form for the app user to enter information relating to the vehicle and/or the vehicle owner. They can use text or voice-to-text entries.
  4. Generally prompts are asked after submitting the scan. With validation services, you can have one prompt after submitting a valid scan (i.e. the permit/vehicle is in the database) and a different one after submitting an invalid scan (i.e. the permit/vehicle is not in the database).

Note: When done creating or editing your service(s), your app users will need to sign out and sign back in or refresh the app.