May 29, 2020 10 min read

Enhance Parking Management and Vehicle Monitoring with Barcode Scanning

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Streamline Parking Permit Validation with Barcode Scanner App

Many CodeREADr clients look to implement efficient tracking of registered vehicles in both gated and non-gated parking facilities using barcode scanning technology. Through use of the CodeREADr app, the detection of unauthorized or overdue vehicles is possible, and clients are able to monitor parking lot usage by date, time, and location. Moreover, it allows for immediate communication with vehicle owners regarding parking violations or reminders, such as headlights left on.

Integrate Barcode Scanning with Existing Parking Management Systems

Enhance your parking management capabilities by integrating the CodeREADr app into your existing systems, adding layers of intelligent mobility and detailed reporting. For facilities lacking a sophisticated parking system, CodeREADr serves as a powerful standalone solution. Clients can utilize CodeREADr to maintain a validation database where each ID corresponds to an individual’s name, license plate, and contact details. Facilities can distribute QR code labels or other types of barcode decals to vehicle owners for placement on windshields or dashboards, ensuring easy and reliable scanning.

Affordable Options for Generating Parking Permits

CodeREADr clients can generate QR labels, badges, or tags economically using software like iBarcoder for both PC and MAC, priced around $50. Alternatively, consider purchasing pre-printed decals or hangtags featuring Code 128 barcodes or QR codes from suppliers such as My Parking Permit.

Optimize the Role of Parking Lot Attendants with Barcode Scanning

Equip parking attendants with CodeREADr to scan vehicle barcodes efficiently. In the absence of a barcode, attendants can utilize the app’s lookup features to search by license plate or owner’s name. Enhance operational procedures by providing attendants with directed information for each vehicle, including unpaid fees, towing service contacts, or urgent issues like blocked exits or flat tires. CodeREADr’s flexible data entry options, such as manual forms, multiple-choice questions, and photo capture, enrich the scanning record with essential details and timestamps.

Special Considerations for Managing Parking Lot Attendants

  1. Depending on Internet availability, choose between an online service for real-time data monitoring or an on-device (offline) service for manual data upload.
  2. When setting up the app, select an existing vehicle database or create and upload a new one at your convenience.
  3. Enhance data collection by incorporating prompts for attendants to record information about the vehicle or owner through text or voice-to-text entries.
  4. Customize response prompts to inform attendants immediately after a scan, confirming whether the scanned permit or vehicle is registered in the system.

Note: Ensure app users sign out and back in or refresh the app after making changes to services, ensuring optimal functionality and data accuracy.

By integrating barcode scanning technology into your parking management strategy, you not only streamline operations but also enhance security and efficiency, making it an essential tool for modern parking facilities.