Parking Permit Barcode Scanner App: Track and Validate Access

Barcode Scanner App for Parking Lot Managers

Barcode scanning app scans barcodes on parking permits to validate permission to park

If unauthorized vehicles are a problem for your parking lots, the revenue lost can be significant. It can also lead to overcrowding.

Whether it’s because of faked, copied or expired parking permits, the use of barcodes on your parking permits can help you deter and even eliminate fraud.

Easily deter fraud

Can you imagine no one scanning your ticket to enter a paid event? I don’t think so.

Our app is used by 80+ ticketing companies globally for 10,000+ events annually, each with 500 to 50,000+ attendees per event.  Do they catch a lot of fake or duplicate tickets? No. Why? Because the attendees know they are validating their tickets. And despite the many clever ways people try to enter without paying, we catch them with our advanced technology.

What can parking lot managers learn from this? It’s simple. Unless people know you are checking the validity of their parking permit, they will flaunt that in many ways.

How can you deter fraud with barcodes on the parking permit? With the codeREADr app, you can scan a permit’s barcode and validate it against a validation database. That database can be hosted on our server, your server – or even on the device itself if there’s no Internet connectivity when scanning. That database can include not only the permit number but the license plate number, VIN number, vehicle(s) authorized, the permit holder’s name and phone number, etc.

Even if you only scan randomly a few times a week, you can post warning signs and even email your permit holders with their monthly scan records. They will quickly understand they will be fined or towed if using their permit in unauthorized ways.  This message would hopefully spread quickly, too.

Can you completely eliminate fraud? Can you also track monthly usage?

Yes, you can. Ideally, you would scan the permit daily on both entry and exit. That would not only validate the permit each time but also let you calculate the duration of the stay from the resulting scan record’s timestamp.

Alternatively, you could scan all parked vehicles only once or so each day. Though still very valuable, that wouldn’t give you as complete a record as scanning every vehicle in and out.

Can validating permits improve facility/campus security?

Absolutely, assuming the app user scanning the permits also checks the license plate number or VIN displayed after each scan.

Can I also validate coupons and temporary permits?

Yes, simply add the coupon’s barcode value or temporary permit’s barcode value to the validation database.

What devices do I use to scan with?

You can use any iOS or Android OS device’s standard, built-in, rear-facing autofocus camera to scan the permit’s barcode. Just download the codeREADr app to the device.

How do I get parking permits each with a unique barcode?

There a number of companies that do that. For example, you could buy pre-printed hang tags and labels online from companies like MyParkingPermit.

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