One Marketing Tool. Many Collaborative Deals.

codeREADr Collaborative Deals

3 Steps to Collaborative Deals:

  • Marketers promote.
  • Consumers register, get a unique ID, and show at participating merchants.
  • Merchant scans, tracks and validates with smartphone marketing tool.

An Enhanced Marketing Tool

Boston, MA (June 14, 2011): Skycore LLC has today announced new codeREADr app features ( which enable merchants to electronically track and validate collaborative deals in real-time at the point of sale.

The company believes the marketing tool will add incentive for small and medium-size merchants to finally put their pencils and paper away and instead pull out their smartphones to scan, search, and validate deals and rewards.

Collaborative deals may be offered by marketing companies, membership organizations, communities, business associations, shopping centers or brands. They allow merchants to present offers that together can be very compelling to consumers. Participating merchants may be related by location or mutual interests or may simply want to share promotion expenses and leverage existing customer relationships with the other participating merchants.

What makes codeREADr particularly useful now for tracking collaborative deals is the feature to securely use a single database of valid transaction IDs for all participating merchants. Using codeREADr’s web service or API, the marketer (or group administrator) creates & distributes unique app credentials to all participating merchants and then associates the shared database to each set of credentials.

‘We decided to support collaborative deals after deal-of-the day marketers said it would help differentiate their services. Up to now, tracking them wasn’t practical or efficient,’ said Rich Eicher, CEO and founder of Skycore LLC. ‘We listened carefully and added features to help them achieve their goal,’ said Eicher.

Each merchant’s scan results are secure and can be independently reported. Marketers have access to all merchant scan data and can distribute results accordingly. They can also offer their own merchant-specific and group analytic services and study the results to improve campaigns and better engage with customers.

‘Collaborative deals are particularly interesting when working with non-competing brands,’ said Tony Castro, CEO of Socialari Multimedia LLC, a codeREADr client. ‘Either way, although online and mobile programs can be very engaging, we’ve seen a lot of interest from local merchants in variable data printing of the 2D barcodes used for deals. It’s one of our strengths,’ added Castro.

About Skycore LLC

Skycore LLC ( of Boston, MA, has been at the cutting edge of multimedia messaging (MMS) and multimedia content delivery since 2003. Their Skycore and codeREADr platforms help small businesses, marketers, brands, retailers and enterprises create, deliver, read and process the data embedded in 1D/2D barcodes for fast and convenient transactions.