App turns iPhone Camera into Barcode Reader

New direction for barcode reading with smart phones

(Boston, MA – June 8th, 2010) —Skycore LLC announced today the release of its codeREADr platform enabling iPhones to be used as barcode scanners for secure, real-time tracking and validation of data embedded in 2D barcodes. The platform was designed to allow developers, enterprises, and service providers to integrate scanning and data collection functionality into their businesses without the high capital expense typically associated with commercial scanners and systems.

It combines an iPhone® app for scanning barcodes with a web service for managing app users, devices, and databases. Web account holders can record, track, and trace scanned data or additionally validate it against their service-specific database. The database can be hosted on Skycore servers or on the account holder’s servers. Account-holders can also enable app users to conduct surveys, enter the answers, and transmit the results along with the scanned data.

Data passed to and from the servers are encrypted and transmitted wirelessly in real-time over Wi-Fi and 3G networks, all without opening a browser. The entire transaction takes only 1-2 seconds from scan to validation.

The web service also features importing, generating, and exporting non-proprietary 2D barcodes, including both QR Code and Data Matrix formats. Developers can use a simple PostBackURL function for passing data to & from their servers or an API for full integration. Following a 30-day free trial, account holders pay $14.99 per month for each iPhone with an activated codeREADr app.

The platform can be used for access control at events and security checkpoints; time, attendance, and workflow management for professionals and production employees; document, inventory, asset, and lead tracking for enterprises; and contest, coupon, and loyalty reward redemption for retailers.

“What makes the codeREADr platform unique is its focus on speed, real-time transactions, and security” stated Rich Eicher, CEO, and founder of Skycore LLC. “It’s not meant to replace commercial scanners; instead, it’s meant for the budget conscious and for new, unique applications enabled with a scanner in your pocket.”

Scan, Track, and Validate Barcodes with Smartphones

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