Pre-printed Sticky Labels + Database

Ready-to-Go Database and Sticky Labels, Track Anything Easily

Do you want to track assets that don’t have barcodes (or the barcodes are inaccessible for scanning)? Or do you want to add barcodes to tickets or IDs that don’t currently have barcodes printed on them?

We offer a CSV file of random IDs embedded in QR codes shipped with corresponding rolls of low-cost, pre-printed, sticky labels. You can easily create a table of IDs for importing to codeREADr, each with a description associated to it (optional).  A roll of 1,000 QR labels costs only $49.95.

To purchase them you will need to have a Free Plan or Paid Plan account on and have a credit card on file. When done, you must email and indicate your account’s email address; whether you want yellow or white labels; and where to ship them.

yellow white labels 800x500