CodeREADr is a cloud-administered, barcode scanning, workflow app that can be installed on your Cognex device.

Our no-code/low-code solution is used to scan, validate, and collect associated data. Works online and offline, sync data to the cloud or LAN.

Barcode Scanning App for Zebra

What is CodeREADr used for?

Device Flexibility

While codeREADr works on Cognex devices, it also can be installed on:

  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Dedicated Scanning Devices running Android OS

Even if you don’t use a Cognex device or have a combination of devices from different manufacturers, you can still install and use codeREADr.

Cognex devices that work with codeREADr

Important: CodeREADr is not a reseller or distributor of any of these brands. CodeREADr is an app that can be used on the devices that are listed here, and more.

Cognex barcode scanning devices include:

Cognex MX-1000

Cognex MX-1502

Cognex MX-100

How to install CodeREADr on Cognex devices:


What does Cognex say about their barcode scanners?

Cognex MX-1000

Frequent uses for this device include logistics, parcel delivery, pharmaceutical, and general manufacturing. It is compatible with both Android and iPhone products and can ruggedize the phones to withstand concrete drops.

Cognex MX-1502

Used with aerospace and medical application, the mobile terminal upgrades any Android or Apple smartphone with a high-powered lens for code reading. 

Cognex MX-100

All industries from retail to delivery could integrate this mobile device attachment which improves reading conditions for a typical smartphone. 

and other Cognex devices

CodeREADr can be installed on any Android-based mobile computer even if it isn’t listed here.