CodeREADr is a cloud-based workflow app you can download to your Zebra devices.

Our no-code/low-code solution is used to scan, validate, and collect associated data. It works online and offline, with data synced to the cloud or LAN.

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Barcode Scanning App for Zebra

What is CodeREADr used for?

Device Flexibility

The CodeREADr app can also be installed on:

  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Dedicated scanning devices running Android OS

You can deploy Zebra devices along with smartphones and tablets because the app includes enterprise-grade barcode scanning with the device’s built-in camera.

CodeREADr Smartphone Barcode Scanner
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Install the CodeREADr mobile app on Zebra devices.

Important: CodeREADr is not a device reseller or distributor. Due to Android OS fragmentation and the many different ways device manufacturers implement it we cannot guarantee that all features of the CodeREADr app and web service will work with every device. Prior to purchasing a device, we recommend you ask your supplier for a unit to test your intended use of CodeREADr. For further information please email

Zebra barcode scanning devices include:

Zebra TC20

Zebra TC25

Zebra TC51

Zebra TC56

Zebra TC70

Zebra TC75

Zebra MC9300

How to install the CodeREADr mobile app on Zebra devices:

Installation Instructions

What does Zebra say about their barcode scanners?

Zebra TC25

Used in transportation and other location-specific solutions, this rugged smartphone is for enterprises making deliveries, repairs, or providing other services.

Zebra TC70/75

For retail and manufacturing needs, the handheld computer provides an efficient, enterprise-ready solution.

Zebra TC20

For businesses looking for an intelligent all-in-one system, the mobile computer allows for barcode scanning as well as information management.

Zebra TC51/56

This mobile computer runs a fast, dependable wireless connection to prioritize a patient’s needs in a healthcare setting.

Zebra MC9300 

Used for streamlining warehouse processes, the device can capture data at 70 feet distances and promises “worry-free wifi.”

and other Zebra devices

CodeREADr can be installed on any Android-based mobile computer even if it isn’t listed here.