Companies using CodeREADr for Mobile AIDC

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  • Gaylord Hotels
  • e-ppl
  • LawLine
  • Chapin House
  • EyeCare Tyler
  • Eastern Michigan University
  • Atrinea Health
  • ADA Expo
  • Carnival
  • AT&T
  • Woolworths
  • Acteva
  • Texas Jasmine
  • Ferrovial

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    Ticketing / Access Control

    Ticket providers can use codeREADr as a portable barcode scanner for secure, real-time validation of print and mobile tickets. The need to scan 1D and 2D tickets at check-in has become critical as email, print-at-home and mobile tickets have become increasingly popular. We offer a professional, cost effective alternative to typical commercial scanners and ticketing systems. codeREADr easily integrates into existing ticketing software.

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    Lead Retrieval

    Event organizers and event registration companies add codeREADr to their services so exhibitors can use their own smartphones to easily track sales leads. Every salesperson can now scan attendee badges anywhere, anytime and record product interest, purchase timing, contact preferences, etc. This cost-effective solution is easily integrated into lead management and trade show software.

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    Coupon / Voucher Redemption

    Merchants use codeREADr to scan transactional barcodes at the point of sale. They track, record and redeem deals, coupons and vouchers in real-time. Create your own barcodes or use our premium barcodes and distribute via print, email, tweets, apps, social networks and the web. Track campaigns from print or digital to real-world sales. Developers create new services or easily integrate codeREADr into existing coupon redemption and loyalty program software. For more information, view our presentation for tracking online-to-offline commerce.

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    Healthcare providers use codeREADr to check a patient’s ID, co-pay, deductible and current health status, all in real-time at the point of service. Wait-room personnel scan, search or manually enter the patient’s ID from a person’s health card, whether presented in print or on a phone screen. Health insurance and healthcare providers easily integrate this solution into their back-end systems.

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    Asset Tracking / Validation

    Logistics companies, hospitals and merchants use codeREADr to track, check-in, check-out and validate assets in real-time. Asset managers locally or remotely trace and collect data on assets; validate object authenticity; and monitor or direct required processes. This solution is easily integrated into logistics systems, healthcare IT systems and accounting software.

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    Wholesale / Ordering

    Merchants use codeREADr for tracking inventory and building order lists. When the solution is integrated with a wholesaler’s back-end, the merchant can even send an order directly from the device to the wholesaler. A merchant’s IT manager integrate codeREADr into their own accounting software, developers into POS software or wholesalers into their POS or accounting software.

  • codeREADr can be used for time and attendance.

    Remote Time / Attendance

    Employers, temporary agencies and education providers use codeREADr to track & monitor the attendance of personnel and students in real-time. The data collected is particularly useful when the person is remote. When on site, a local administrator scans the person’s badge or the person scans a static or dynamic, location-embedded barcode. Developers or IT managers create their own services or integrate codeREADr into existing accounting or time and attendance software.

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