codeREADr for Coupon Redemption

Your coupon program just went mobile.

Equipping your storefront with a commercial barcode scanner can be expensive. With codeREADr, it's easier than ever to generate and redeem coupons with smartphones - like the one you might already own.

Eliminate counterfeit coupons.

codeREADr lets you validate coupons against a database on our servers, so you'll know with each scan whether the coupon is authentic. To prevent unauthorized copying, you can automatically bar redemption of a coupon if it has been scanned more than once.

Get to know your customers.

You can get acquainted with your customer base by providing a questionnaire every time a coupon is redeemed. It's a great way to collect demographic information.

No Internet? No problem.

Even if your storefront has no reliable Internet connection, we still let you redeem coupons securely. Just download the database to your device beforehand.

Generate mobile coupons.

Use our Branded Barcode generator to create professional mobile-optimized coupons, complete with your logo and custom text specifying terms and conditions.