March 23, 2018 10 min read

Enhancing Event Access with Barcode Scanning Solutions

Event Scanner for Access Control

In the fast-paced world of event management, ensuring swift and secure access to venues is paramount. A prominent client, organizing a globally recognized event, sought our expertise in identifying optimal mounting solutions for seamless ticket verification using our CodeREADr app, compatible across iOS (including iPod, iPhone, iPad) and Android devices (encompassing smartphones, tablets, and rugged devices). While confidentiality precludes us from disclosing specifics about the organizer or event, the approach to event access control they employ is widely adopted, involving barcode scanning or the use of NFC wristbands for entry validation.


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Streamlining Entry with Hands-Free Ticket Scanning

Although manual scanning by ticket-takers is common, implementing hands-free scanning stations can significantly enhance the entry process, leading to a more pleasant experience for attendees. This efficiency is achieved by enabling ticket-takers to use both hands for scanning or by allowing attendees to scan their own tickets, facilitating self-check-in. This not only speeds up the entry process but also allows a single attendant to oversee multiple entry points simultaneously, mirroring the convenience of self-checkout systems in retail environments.

Our Kiosk Mode feature is specifically designed for this purpose, ensuring rapid and accurate barcode reading without requiring attendees to pause for scanning, thus maintaining a smooth flow into the event. The SD PRO scan engine integrated into our solution guarantees this efficiency, proven across thousands of clients weekly, for both printed and mobile tickets.

Adapting to NFC Wristbands and Barcode Scanning Needs

For events preferring NFC wristbands over barcodes, our system effortlessly accommodates this technology, with NFC-enabled Android devices being easily mountable for similar hands-free access. Incorporating visual targets or utilizing pcProx readers enhances the self-check-in process by broadening compatibility with various NFC formats.

Versatile Mounting Solutions for Optimal Scanning

Depending on the event’s specific needs, scanning devices can be mounted in various orientations, utilizing either the rear or front cameras of iOS and Android devices. The autofocus capability of rear cameras is particularly beneficial for quick scanning. However, recent advancements have also made front-camera scanning viable, offering additional flexibility in setup.

Enhancing Event Experience with Large Screen Displays

Beyond facilitating entry, our solution enables the display of entry validation results on large screens, improving visibility and contributing to a dynamic event atmosphere. This feature not only streamlines the check-in process but also supports engaging event introductions, as demonstrated by a notable enterprise client’s impactful keynote presentation.

Options for Scanning Technology Integration

For events preferring alternative scanning methods, our system is compatible with Bluetooth and USB scanners, offering versatility in hardware integration. This flexibility ensures that event organizers can select the scanning solution that best fits their operational workflow and attendee experience goals.

In summary, our CodeREADr app and associated technologies offer a comprehensive solution for event access control with barcode scanning, enabling efficient, secure, and user-friendly entry processes for events of all sizes.