May 5, 2017 • 10 min read

Enhance Your Security with Barcode Scanning: The Ultimate Digital ID Card App for iOS and Android


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Scanning ID cards with CodeREADr

In the era of digital transformation, the introduction of Digital ID cards equipped with scannable barcodes has revolutionized the way organizations manage identification processes. Our cutting-edge Digital ID Card App, compatible with both iOS and Android platforms, leverages the power of barcode scanning to offer unparalleled convenience and security.

Revolutionize ID Verification with Barcode Scanning through CodeREADr

Our Digital ID cards are designed with a unique feature: each card comes with a scannable barcode that can easily be read by any 2D barcode scanner or specialized barcode scanner apps like CodeREADr. This functionality is particularly useful for account administrators responsible for managing databases of students, employees, or members. By utilizing, these administrators can swiftly scan and verify the authenticity of any digital ID card issued within their organization.

Setting up the system is a breeze. Administrators can empower their personnel, including employees, teachers, and aides, to log into the CodeREADr app and commence scanning both digital and physical ID cards. For environments that require hands-free operation, the app can be configured into “kiosk mode,” which activates the device’s front camera for scanning, making it ideal for unattended entry points.

Streamline Attendance and Access Control with Digital ID Cards

The application of Digital ID cards extends beyond mere identification. Schools, organizations, and employers can utilize these digital solutions to efficiently monitor attendance, regulate access, and oversee activities—critical for roles such as maintenance crews, security personnel, and other field service employees.

Compared to traditional plastic ID cards, Digital ID cards offer significant advantages in terms of convenience, security, and functionality. For organizations looking to adopt this innovative technology, ID123 presents an easy-to-navigate solution. Interested parties are encouraged to explore further by visiting the ID123 website, where additional information is available. The app is readily downloadable at no cost from the App Store and Google Play, marking the beginning of a new era in secure and efficient identity management.

Embrace the future of identification with our Digital ID Card App, your gateway to enhanced security and operational efficiency through advanced barcode scanning technology.