May 29, 2020 10 min read

Enhance Safety and Efficiency with QR Code Scanning Solutions

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Access control, Attendance Tracking, and Capacity Tracking through Barcode Scanning

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, access control, attendance tracking, and capacity management have become more crucial than ever. Utilizing QR codes and barcode scanning technologies can streamline these processes efficiently.

Efficient Solutions for Scanning QR Codes and Barcodes

  1. Kiosk Mode with iPads: Set up iPads in kiosk mode for self-service scanning. This allows for unattended scanning of QR codes and barcodes, perfect for maintaining records electronically without direct human contact.
  2. Smartphone and Dedicated Scanner Options: Use smartphones or dedicated scanners protected by glass or plastic shields to scan QR codes and barcodes. This setup not only enhances safety by minimizing contact but also ensures accurate and rapid data capture.

Adapting to New Norms with Advanced Scanning Technology

The ongoing pandemic has led to new governmental regulations requiring stringent access control and attendance tracking to mitigate virus spread. Some sectors may need to implement credential systems for access approval in the future.

App-Based Scanning Behind Protective Barriers

With the CodeREADr app, users can efficiently scan using a smartphone’s rear-facing camera. Whether it’s standard barcode IDs or newly issued QR codes, the app simplifies record-keeping by logging each scan with details like the scanned value, timestamp, and location—ideal for access control at various venues.

Self-Scanning in Kiosk Mode

Configure the CodeREADr app in kiosk mode on an iPad for a contactless scanning experience. Attendees can easily hold their IDs against the iPad’s front camera, and the app will handle attendance recording and access validation seamlessly.

Versatile Scanning Features

  • Online and Offline Functionality: Operate with or without internet connectivity.
  • Detailed Data Extraction: QR codes can store extensive data, enabling precise information parsing.
  • Data Collection with Each Scan: Attach additional data such as body temperature or photos related to each scan.
  • Capacity Management: Monitor and set limits on venue capacity effectively.

Prioritizing Privacy and Security

  • Secure Storage Options: Choose to store scan records on our servers with options for deletion, or exclusively on client servers.
  • Encryption Protocols: Ensure IDs are encrypted for validation and remain encrypted in storage.
  • New ID Creation: Generate and store alternative IDs linked to actual credentials for enhanced privacy.

Starting at just $24.99 monthly, CodeREADr offers a scalable solution with unlimited scans and flexible subscription plans. Individual device prices get lower as volumes increase. Upgrade or downgrade according to your operational needs and keep your facilities safe and compliant effortlessly.