May 29, 2020 10 min read

Scan QR Codes and IDs for Electronic Records

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Access control, attendance tracking, and capacity tracking during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here are two options:

  1. Set up iPads in the kiosk-mode for unattended scanning.
  2. Scan with smartphones or dedicated scanners behind glass or plastic shields.

Clearly, the Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) has changed our world. Thus, governments around the globe have issued new rules to help combat the spread of this virus.

Some governing bodies now require attendance tracking. Others require onsite or offsite testing. Also, businesses are creating their own rules to keep their employees and visitors safe. Therefore, it’s conceivable that in the future there may be some sort of “credential” issued for access.

Generally, all require record-keeping by an assigned administrator.

While it may be possible to manually keep attendance records, it can be a difficult and time-consuming process. For instance, it can be difficult when you have to share those with the governing authority.

App-user scanning behind glass or plastic shield

With the native CodeREADr app installed on a smartphone, an app-user can scan using the device’s built-in, rear-facing camera. Similar to how the app is now used for access control at stadiums and festivals, it can quickly and repetitively scan standard barcode IDs or newly issued QR code IDs.

The ID would be presented by the attendee for the app-user to scan. The app can simply record the ID or it can also validate whether access is permitted. Included with every electronic record is the value scanned, a timestamp, and location.

For safety purposes, the app-user could optionally be behind glass or a clear plastic shield. Multiple smartphones can scan simultaneously

Kiosk self-scanning mode

With the native CodeREADr app configured for the kiosk mode and installed on an iPad, you can place the device remotely. If necessary, the admin can be nearby to view the status of every scan on a remote monitor.

The attendee holds the ID up to the iPad’s front camera’s screen, which has a frame as a target. As with the smartphone scanning example, the app can simply record attendance or validate access permissions.

Scanning Options

  • Work online or offline.
  • QR codes can have 1000’s of embedded characters. Parse the exact data needed from the QR code.
  • Collect associated data with every scan, e.g. body temperature, photo of the person or of the temperature reading, etc.
  • Track location capacity, including the ability to set limits.

Privacy Options

  • Scan records stored on our server, with the option to delete records as needed.
  • Scan records posted only to a client’s servers, not our servers.
  • IDs encrypted, then decrypted for validation then only stored encrypted on our server.
  • Create new IDs associated with the actual ID and only store those on our server.

The CodeREADr service starts at $19.99/device/month, including unlimited scans. Upgrade and downgrade as needed.