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Barcode News has just published an article titled ‘Can Enterprises use Smartphones for Auto-ID and Data Collection?’. The article, about whether smartphones can scan barcodes for business sufficiently, was posted by Craig Aberle. Aberle is President of Bar Code Media Group, Inc. For the article, Aberle posed an interesting question. Essentially, he asked if smartphones and tablets were ready to take their place in the auto-ID and data collection (AIDC) market. We at codeREADr provided an answer.

Our Response: Smartphones Can Indeed Scan Barcodes for Business

We strongly believe this to be the case. We have believed this from the day Apple introduced the iPhone, back in June 2007. We spent the next two years building our codeREADr app with integrated web services. We finally launched our product in May 2009. We clearly stated our case in this article.

We’ve learned from thousands of real-world deployments. We’ve also learned from the invaluable feedback of our clients. Finally, we’ve learned from mistakes along the way. In effect, we’ve built a robust and flexible AIDC platform. This platform enables businesses to use smartphones and tablets for mission-critical data collection. As the article suggests, these devices are the future.

An Addendum

At the end of the article, Mr. Aberle adds,

“Undoubtedly apps like codeREADr will be a part of the future. Billions of smartphone devices already in the field, ready for deployment are too great to ignore and businesses everywhere are looking for savings.

We think this is a sleeper niche that bears close watching. While the bar code industry has been largely dismissive of smartphones and tablets for commercial use, businesses like Apple have been utilizing the technology in the field for years. Furthermore, the iPad is the fastest-growing device being adopted in retail. Sometimes, the future isn’t quite as you expected it to be.”

We at codeREADr wholeheartedly agree. We hope you check out this article!