Auto-Insert Barcode Scan Records to Excel

Excel is the most common and popular electronic spreadsheet program used on desktops. One of our clients recently demonstrated how he auto-inserted his codeREADr scan records into Excel and auto-refreshed the data. We’ve published the instructions in our Knowledgebase.

What is a Scan Record Insert?

With the codeREADr iOS and Android OS app, your authorized app users can read and capture the value embedded in barcodes and NFC tags. With each scan they can also capture associated data, including voice-to-text fields, photos, GPS locations, dropdown menus, etc. Also, you can choose whether to validate those records against a database stored on our server or synced to the scanning device.

Each scan creates a ‘scan record’ including:

WHO scanned (the app user)

WHAT they scanned (the captured value)

WHEN they scanned (timestamp)

WHERE they scanned (the GPS location or a selection from a dropdown menu)

WHY they scanned (based on the service/task you configured)

HOW they scanned (barcode, NFC or manual entry and device used)

Automating the Movement of Data: Online or Offline Capture

The app will capture the data while online or offline. When these scan records hit our server, you can follow the above instructions to auto-insert them into an Excel sheet.  From there, you can manage those records within your Excel environment for your reporting and data storage requirements.