Offline or Online Barcode Scanning Filter Tabs

Filter Barcode Scans Online or Offline

Offline or Online Barcode Scanning?

For those of you who combine offline and online barcode scanning, we have good news. codeREADr has added two new tabs to the Scans page: “Online Scans” and “Offline Scans”.  These allow you to instantly filter the scans by ones that were validated online, or ones that were stored on the device and uploaded at a later time.
codeREADr already has powerful filtering tools that allow you to see scans by date, user, device, and even result. With this new addition for filtering offline or online barcode scanning, you can find any scan, whether you have a small service for attendance tracking with a few dozen ID cards, or you have a paperless ticketing service that takes in 5000 scans per day, our powerful search and filter options will help you find any scan.