October 30, 2017 10 min read

Revolutionizing Workforce and Asset Management with NFC Technology

Track Assets using NFC tags

In the realm of workforce and asset management, NFC (Near Field Communication) tags have emerged as a revolutionary tool, offering unprecedented efficiency and security. The CodeREADr app, renowned for its capacity to swiftly read and authenticate NFC tags, has been a game-changer in facilitating event access control. This technology is becoming increasingly indispensable, especially with the widespread adoption of NFC-enabled devices by tech giants like Apple for secure event access.


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Beyond Event Access: The Expanding Role of NFC

However, the potential of NFC technology extends far beyond simplifying event entry. We are at the brink of a significant evolution in how NFC tags are utilized for secure proof-of-presence verification across various sectors, including healthcare, building maintenance, and security. Since introducing this technology in 2012, we’ve observed a gradual yet steady increase in its adoption, signaling a promising future for NFC-based solutions.

Driving Adoption of NFC Proof-of-Presence

  1. Cost-Effective NFC Labels: The transition to more affordable NFC labels plays a crucial role in their adoption. While printing barcode labels remains cost-effective, the demand for NFC tags is leading to a decrease in their prices, making them a more viable option despite their higher costs compared to barcode labels.
  2. Enhanced NFC Scanning Devices: The introduction of faster and more user-friendly NFC scanning devices is dramatically improving the user experience in the field. Innovations, particularly in devices like Famoco, are setting new standards for speed and accuracy in NFC tag scanning.
  3. Expanding Use of iOS Devices for NFC Scanning: The integration of NFC scanning capabilities in iOS devices significantly broadens the technology’s reach. Although widespread NFC functionality in iOS devices will take time, it represents a considerable advancement in NFC tag utilization.
  4. Growing Awareness of NFC Technology: Perhaps the most critical factor in the adoption of NFC technology is the increasing awareness of its benefits and applications. As more industries recognize the value of NFC for secure proof-of-presence, we anticipate a substantial growth in its use.

Upgraded NFC Reading Capabilities

At CodeREADr, we’ve upgraded our NFC reading capabilities to include three distinct modes, catering to diverse application needs:
Reading and validating the UID alone if the NFC tag is otherwise blank.

  • Authenticating data on the NFC tag while disregarding the UID.
  • Validating only the UID, even if additional data is present on the tag.
  • This versatility ensures that our technology meets the specific requirements of various applications, from tracking employee attendance to monitoring asset movement.

Enhanced Record-Keeping for Transparency and Reliability

For each NFC scan, our system captures comprehensive data, including the scanner’s identity, the UID value, the time and location of the scan, the method of capture, and the purpose of the scan. This detailed record-keeping enhances the transparency and reliability of workforce and asset management practices.

Embracing NFC for Efficient Management

Leverage the transformative power of NFC tags to streamline your operations, ensuring secure, efficient, and cost-effective management of employees, subcontractors, and assets. With NFC technology, embrace a future where managing and tracking your organizational resources is easier and more secure than ever.